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Aprender idiomas con ChatGPT

ChatGPT puede ser una gran herramienta para aprender idiomas, y no, no se trata acerca de un curso creado usando la API de OpenAI, es acerca de usar el chat de la manera correcta buscando la manera de...


An introduction to Monads in Javascript

This is probably one of the most complex topics that I have talked in this blog... We can find definitions of Monads in Mathematics (category theory and linear algebra), Philosophy, Biology and Functional...



Is HTML a programming language?

A few days ago I returned to Twitter and well, apparently things have not changed much... I came across a Byzantine discussion that I thought we might have gotten over, _Is HTML a programming language?_ (Yes,...


The art of writing your first prompt

**Disclaimer**: This is not a guide by any means, I am a newbie in this but I am learning. I know by now you may be tired of hearing so much about OpenAI and ChatGPT. The Hype is at its peak and surely it is...