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When I decided to create this blog, I was very clear that I wanted to do it in the easiest way possible, I didn’t want to have to deal with databases, CMS, etc.

I had already seen some other blogs and knew that it was possible to create them using markdown to write a full post. I also didn’t want to deal with CSS, so I looked for Tailwind CSS as an option. Also I wanted to have my syntax highlighting in my posts, so, I found gatsby-remark-prismjs.

Working with Tailwind CSS it’s increible, but here I found my first big challenge, how can I add styles to my markdown if I can’t add styles to my HTML elements?

A little more context, when you want to add styles to an specific element you should do something like:

<span className="border-solid border-2 border-black font-extrabold h-16 inline-flex items-center justify-center mr-4 rounded-full text-center w-16">VE</span>

But, again, how can I do that in markdown without HTML? well, I found gatsby-remark-classes basically, automatically add class attributes to markdown elements. In your gatsby-config.js you need to do something like:

  resolve: `gatsby-remark-classes`,
  options: {
    classMap: {
      link: "bg-yellow hover:bg-transparent hover:text-black hover:underline",
      paragraph: "font-text mb-6",

Tailwind CSS in their latest versions uses PurgeCSS (a tool to remove unused CSS) and it’s incredible aggressive; and for some reason, all the styles that were being applied at markdown, were being ignored, I mean, styles were being applied, but Tailwind was purging these classes (not including them). After many hours looking in Google, I found a post with a tricky solution. I tried it, it worked, but I didn’t like it…

With Tailwind CSS you have a config file tailwind.config.js, this is something optional, but extremely powerful. In this file you can add some config for PurgeCSS, and one of options allows you to whitelist selectors to stop PurgeCSS from removing them from your CSS. BING BING BING!

purge: {
  options: {
    whitelist: [

This solution worked perfect!

Andres Bedoya

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